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What you will find:

  • A growing collection of projects, activities and science art suitable for multiple grade levels.
  • A complete year of 6th Grade Science Vocabulary units following Texas TEKS (but suitable for most standards!)
  • Lab and station activities for multiple grades
  • Science themed borders and frames
  • New 6th grade science unit lesson plans and science clip-art coming soon!
  • ….plus individual and group counseling materials as I finish my M.Ed. in Counseling.

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Google Classroom Compatible Resources

After some comprehensive research, I have finally dipped my toes into the Digital Resource pool, and I must say, the water is fine! I have really enjoyed this new challenge to take my resources to a new level.

Digital offerings include Food Webs, C-E-R, Dichotomous Keys, and more to come!

See what is available HERE.

Speaking of Dichotomous Keys….

Dichotomous Key Activities

I have just added a variety of Dichotomous Key Worksheets and Activities to my store in both traditional and digital formats.

I may be more proud of this set than anything I have made so far, so please check them out! Includes sets suitable for introduction and advanced practice.

5th Grade STAAR Supplemental Aids

5th grade staar prep science review

Did you know you can use visual aids, science illustrations, and blank graphic organizers as supplemental aids DURING 5TH GRADE SCIENCE STAAR testing?

This HUGE COMPREHENSIVE BUNDLE includes over 75 pages of graphic materials to help your students prepare and excel on the Fifth Grade Science STAAR test.

Visual aids help tremendously with student recall, and this set is also an excellent study tool for your students to take home in the weeks before STAAR.

STREAMLINED 6th Grade Science Visual Vocabulary

6th grade science vocabulary texas teks streamlined

I’m working hard to overhaul my vocabulary units, and I am happy to report that I finished ALL 12 Physical Science Units.

Word, definitions, and pictures following the STREAMLINED Texas TEKS. Perfect for vocabulary unit introduction and word walls!

Students will draw, write the word, and explain the definition in their own words. My students are given a folder with 15-20 vocabulary blanks at the beginning of each year. Each week I introduce a new vocabulary unit and they have an entire science glossary by the end of the year.

Science + Art: A REALLY Close Look at Animal Adaptations

animal adaptations science art

Inspire your students’ creativity while examining the finer details of adaptations! Each set includes five unique and realistically drawn creatures to help your students identify structure and function using art, cut & paste, and critical thinking activities. Great for a project, science center station, or review!

Students will first create a detailed grid drawing. This is a great technique for beginning artist to use, illustrating one box at a time rather than trying to draw an entire image at once. It also gives them an opportunity to focus on the unique structures of each organism.

Once the grid is complete, they will cut out the example image and identify the structure(s) and function(s).

Check out ALL Major Biomes.

Science Snaps: Weekly Picture Vocabulary

This recent addition is a tool to help students build their scientific reasoning skills and science vocabulary. I have full units available for Earth and Space Science. Life and Physical Science will be out soon! Check out Science Snaps in my TPT store for a free sample!

science vocabulary activity sockmonkey science earth space sample

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