My name is Mary and I am the proud mother of two wild little boys. When I am not changing diapers, I teach technology to some pretty awesome 7th grade students and do part time counseling at our Elementary.

I have worked at a small charter school for the last six years and been fortunate to be part of a school that is supportive of science education. I also create and sell science activities on Teachers Pay Teachers. I just completed my M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling (yay!). This year I will be transitioning into a new role as a Technology teacher and Guidance Counselor after 6 years of teaching future scientists, but I will continue to make science resources while also creating for my new ventures!

I consider myself a life long student. I’ve studied art, photography, nursing, education, and worked in more industries than I care to mention. I am naturally curious and eager to learn, which is probably why teaching science became the career choice that finally settled me down into adult life.

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The ultimate goal of my blog is to help both new and veteran teachers be the best they can be! We are stronger when we collaborate, and I will be providing resources and advice that have helped me be a better teacher. I also hope to provide a platform for other science teachers to share their opinions and passions.

My Classroom

If you are interested in collaborating on a project or contributing to my “Teacher Talk” section, please email me at sockmonkeyscience@gmail.com.

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