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Fun and Free Holiday Science Activities

The last day before Winter break can be pretty tough. The kids (and teachers) are ready to GET OUT.  Plus, if your school has early dismissal like we do, you are probably on an abbreviated schedule that makes the day even crazier. Luckily, fun and free holiday themed activities are plentiful for science, and I… Continue reading Fun and Free Holiday Science Activities

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10 Simple Ways To Be A Better Science Teacher

I am so lucky to teach at a school that provides a full hour of science instruction for our students every day, but I know that in many self contained classrooms science takes a back seat to math and reading. I think this is incredibly unfortunate because science is a part of literally EVERYTHING we… Continue reading 10 Simple Ways To Be A Better Science Teacher

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Maternity Leave is Almost Over!

The school year started with the birth of my second child looming heavily. I worked furiously to make sure the lesson plans were ready, with step by step instructions for every hour of every day (seriously)...Then I left, and left it up to God. My son was born early September, and I will finally be… Continue reading Maternity Leave is Almost Over!