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Maternity Leave is Almost Over!

The school year started with the birth of my second child looming heavily. I worked furiously to make sure the lesson plans were ready, with step by step instructions for every hour of every day (seriously)…Then I left, and left it up to God. My son was born early September, and I will finally be returning to work after Thanksgiving break.

This is my 6th year in the classroom, and being off on maternity leave gave me some time to reflect. I realized my passion has diminished.  The group of kids this year is not my favorite, and I have had difficulty connecting with them. I feel like this affects my teaching. It shouldn’t.

I need to get over myself. I have so many great ideas, and my personal feelings about the students shouldn’t interfere with the quality of instruction I provide. Having this time off has re-energized me, and I am so excited to get back to my classroom. I am giving myself permission to go big or go home. It’s science, after all. We are allowed to make mistakes.

Have you ever had a year that you just weren’t feeling? How did you survive it?

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